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Selecting a Lawyer

Maybe you have never needed the services of an attorney before; but now you do. Obviously, you want an attorney who can handle your particular legal situation, and who has experience and expertise in the area of law relating to you legal needs. This is especially true for people, like you, that have been accused of violating a criminal law and face the risk of being jailed or sent to prison upon conviction.

To assist you in finding an experienced lawyer, The Supreme Court of Florida directed The Florida Bar to offer a “Board Certification” program for Florida Bar members. The program is designed to help the public make an informed decision when seeking and slecting a lawyer. Anthony G. Ryan is a Board Certified criminal trial lawyer which means he has been recognized by the Florida Bar as a criminal trial expert.

What is a Board Certified Criminal Trial Attorney?

While all lawyers are allowed to advertise, only certified attorneys are allowed to identify themselves as “Florida Bar Board Certified,” as a “specialist,” or as an “expert.” Certification is the highest level of recognition granted by The Florida Bar and demonstrates that the attorney has achieved a high level of competence and experience in the area of certification.

The words Board Certified Criminal Trial Attorney, Criminal Trial Specialist and Criminal Trial Expert mean that The Florida Bar has recognized that lawyer has special knowledge, skills and proficiency in criminal trial law. Certified criminal trial lawyers are involved in investigation, evaluation, pleading, discovery, taking testimony, presenting evidence, and arguing cases to a jury.

Every lawyer certified in criminal trial law has practiced law on a full-time basis for at least five years. To become certified the lawyer must have handled a minimum number of jury trials, at least fifteen of which involved a felony charge tried to a verdict. Each certified lawyer is also required to have substantial involvement in the practice of criminal trial law. (Meaning that the person just can’t be moonlighting as a criminal defense attorney or taking a few criminal cases when his other business is slow.)

In addition to substantial involvement, each certified lawyer must also have passed peer review, completed forty five hours of continuing legal education within three years preceding application and passed a rigorous written, six hour examination demonstrating special knowledge, skills and proficiency in the field of criminal trial law. While not all qualified lawyers are certified, those who are have taken the extra steps to have their competence and experience recognized.

Why Hire a Criminal Trial Specialist?

If you or a loved one had to have surgery, wouldn’t you want to make sure the surgeon was a specialist and was board certified in the medical area relating to your needs? Well then don’t you or your loved one deserve to have a criminal defense expert on your side to fight the criminal case?

I am a criminal defense specialist. I exclusively represent people like you, who have been accused of breaking the law. I don’t handle divorces, bankruptcy or trusts and estates. This is not a side job for me. I make my living as a criminal defense attorney and I have been recognized by the Florida Bar as an expert in criminal trial law. Please give me a call to schedule a free consultation and see whether or not I am the right attorney for you.

Client Reviews

I was amazed at how much Mr. Ryan knew about his profession. He is a very honest person who has his clients best interest at heart. He is well informed in all areas of law not only defense law. He is a straight talker that is extremely passionate about his work. I highly recommend him. He is one of...

Spencer, a Medical Malpractice client

Mr. Ryan was wonderful. I trusted him with my life and he saved it with his knowledge and skill. I would recommend him to anyone who is in trouble with the law and needs help, he is the attorney for you!!

Criminal Defense Client

When you are in a situation when there seems to be no silver lining, someone with a little experience should always offer their feedback to inform you of your options to better your position. I was in a situation where I did not know what was going on, no idea what to do and most of all, scared of...

Criminal Defense Client

He was very quick to respond to requests and handled everything very professionally.

Criminal Defense Client

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