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Lawyer Anthony G. Ryan

Murder Charges

Being charged with murder is the most serious thing that can happen to you. You could be facing the death penalty, life in prison without the possibility of parole, or at a minimum, spending many years in prison. You will lose your job, your reputation and perhaps your family. In Florida, there are several different degrees of murder:

  • First degree murder: This is premeditated murder, meaning you had the intent to kill at the time of the murder. First degree murder charges may also be brought against anyone who was in the process of committing a felony when the murder occurred. For example, if you were burglarizing a house and your accomplice accidentally killed someone, you can both be charged with first degree murder. The penalty is death or life in prison.

  • Second degree murder: A death occurred because of your actions. Even though you did not premeditate the murder, you acted in a way that was in disregard to human life. Penalties vary but may be as great as life in prison.

  • Manslaughter: There are varying degrees of manslaughter depending on the circumstances of each individual case. Manslaughter often involves acting negligently or in the heat of passion.

If a firearm was used in the commission of any of these offenses, the mandatory minimum sentence is 25 years in prison.

You Need the Help of a Criminal Defense Specialist

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