Your Guide Through the Maze
Lawyer Anthony G. Ryan


If you have been accused of a Florida misdemeanor or are already facing charges, it is essential that you take immediate action to retain a qualified Misdemeanors Lawyer to help protect your rights and freedom. Being convicted on a misdemeanor can mean more than just getting a criminal record; you may also be sent to residential treatment, imprisoned in jail and charged high fines for that conviction.

Anthony G. Ryan, P.A.

Anthony G. Ryan, P.A., is a Criminal Defense Lawyer with special qualifications to offer legal representation to persons from Sarasota and Manatee Counties who are fighting misdemeanor charges. He is Board Certified by the Florida Bar for Criminal Trial Law. This means he is recognized as an expert and can give you the highest level of defense. Yes, you need an experienced Sarasota Florida Misdemeanor Lawyer to help you get through this tough battle and to understand everything that is happening during your defense representation.

Sarasota Florida Misdemeanor Lawyer

If you have not been convicted of your misdemeanor, there still is time to work towards expungement, or removal, of those charges. If you are in a trial situation, you need a highly qualified Sarasota Florida Misdemeanor Lawyer to argue your case and protect your rights and freedom. The penalties for misdemeanors are tough, including possible jail time, residential treatment and fines up to a thousand dollars for a first degree conviction.

Protect Your Future

Having a criminal record will follow you into your future, potentially causing you much difficulty in finding work, a place to live or freedom to travel. For best results, you need an aggressive defense lawyer who is not afraid to go to trial, and who has a good professional working relationship with the local state attorney’s office. This helps when you decide to opt for plea negotiations. Anthony Ryan has had decades of experience with criminal trials and working with the state Public Defender’s Office.

Take action now and your lawyer may even be able to halt the process before any charges are filed. Don’t let the system pull you in without getting experienced legal representation from Attorney Anthony G. Ryan, P.A. Call for a free consultation now, at (941) 954-7132.