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Lawyer Anthony G. Ryan

Juvenile Criminal Defense

Juveniles who are accused or charged with a crime need to obtain strong legal defense from an attorney who knows Florida laws and the local Sarasota court systems. Being charged or convicted with a crime is not a simple matter or something to brush off; the juvenile needs prompt legal representation for best results.

Anthony G. Ryan, P.A.

Attorney Anthony G. Ryan, P.A., has defended clients, including numerous juveniles, against criminal charges that can lead to high fines, mandatory residential treatment or jail time. He is Board Certified in Criminal Trial Law by the Florida Bar and is therefore a recognized expert in criminal defense law. He proudly offers clients the advantages of his decades of criminal trial experience and his varied background and working relationship with the state attorney’s office.

Sarasota Florida Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyer

As a Sarasota Florida Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyer, Anthony Ryan has helped hundreds of juveniles get through their legal struggle to protect their rights and freedom. He works zealously for client rights, and keeps them informed throughout the process, so they understand what is happening and why. In some cases, charges can be dropped or expunged, leaving the juvenile with a clean record. Being convicted of juvenile crime is a serious problem for that youth, as their record will follow them and may cause future problems.

Get a Strong Defender

Anthony G. Ryan is a lawyer who pays attention to details and examines evidence to search for inaccuracies that could benefit his clients. He believes that a strong defense is the best offense. Attorney Ryan always works towards the least restrictive sentence possible when a client is found guilty. He knows that challenging evidence often is the best way to disprove a charge or achieve successful plea negotiations.

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