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Grand Theft

If you are accused of Grand Theft in Florida, or are already charged with this crime, you are facing a serious fight to retain your freedom. Conviction on Grand Theft is a felony in this state, with stiff penalties. You could be slapped with up to 30 years in prison and a $10,000 fine, depending on the value of the stolen items. There is no time to waste if you are in danger of losing your freedom due to criminal accusations or charges; you need prompt legal representation by a Florida Grand Theft Lawyer.

Anthony G. Ryan, P.A.

Clients call the Sarasota, FL, law office of Anthony G. Ryan, P.A., when they want a recognized Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer who is an expert in the eyes of the state. Anthony Ryan is a Board Certified by the Florida Bar, and he has decades of criminal trial experience to back up his reputation. He has helped thousands of clients with their criminal defense on many criminal charges, including Grand Theft.

Sarasota Florida Grand Theft Lawyer

A good Sarasota Florida Grand Theft Lawyer is one who has a winning track record for criminal trials and who also knows the local court systems. Attorney Anthony G. Ryan is the lawyer you need to stand up by your side and to get you through this serious situation It may be possible to get charges reduced or prevent them in the first place, if you act quickly. Call for a free initial consultation to discuss your situation and legal remedies that are available to you. Anthony will make sure you understand your options and what is happening during each step of the criminal defense process.

Get Experienced Grand Theft Defense

A felony conviction for Grand Theft in Florida will stick with you throughout your future, possibly causing you difficulties in job and housing searches and your freedom to travel. You could jail or prison time, residential treatment and very high fines if you are convicted of a Grand Theft felony charge.

The Sarasota, FL, law office of Anthony G. Ryan, P.A., serves clients mainly from Sarasota and Manatee Counties. Call now for answers and to discuss your Grand Theft criminal charges or accusations. Contact Anthony Ryan now, at (941) 954-7132.