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Lawyer Anthony G. Ryan

Drug Trafficking

There is no more serious drug charge in Florida than trafficking. Because the state is a primary entry point for illegal drugs in the United States, Florida pursues drug charges with a vengeance. The punishments are severe and leniency is rare. If you have been charged with drug trafficking you can expect the state to hit you with everything it has to obtain a conviction, and the punishment that follows to be as substantial as possible.

Sarasota Florida Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Anthony G. Ryan, P.A., devotes his entire practice to criminal defense. Unlike many lawyers that practice in several areas at a time, he chooses to work exclusively in criminal law. He has helped numerous people in Florida fight criminal charges, many of them drug related. He knows how tenaciously the state prosecutors treat drug crimes. However, this experience has also taught him the most effective way to fight back.

Drug trafficking is not only a felony, it is a felony that carries a mandatory minimum prison sentence. This means the judge will have not choice but to sentence you to a certain amount of prison time if you are convicted. The more serious the conviction, the more substantial the prison time.

You cannot afford to make any mistakes in your defense. Our firm will pore over every aspect of your case to find any discrepancies that will work on your behalf. Your options once convicted are fairly limited. The key is to prevent the conviction from ever happening.

We Will Not Rest

We understand what is at stake here. This is why it is so important to start building your defense immediately. We will work tirelessly to find any and all options to avoid a conviction. There is no way to know now if we will be successful, but this is one time where hesitation will only hurt your cause.

If you have been arrested or charged with drug trafficking, contact our firm as soon as possible. The time to start building your defense is now.