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Lawyer Anthony G. Ryan

Drug Charges

Being charged with a drug offense of any kind in Florida is serious. Although the penalties vary depending on the type of controlled substance as well as the amount of the drug involved in the charged offense, mandatory minimum sentences may be harsh. If a firearm was used in the commission of the alleged offense, the penalties are enhanced.

In addition to hefty fines and time in prison, you may also face the seizure and forfeiture of any property the government alleges you gained as a result of trafficking in drugs. This includes your house, car, cash and any other assets. Important deadlines must be met in order to even have a forfeiture hearing where you can object to the government taking away your property.

Whether you are charged with simple possession of a small amount of marijuana or for trafficking in large amounts of crack cocaine, you need the services of an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who will investigate the facts of your case and explore all possible defenses.

At the Law Office of Anthony G. Ryan P.A. a Sarasota Florida drug charges lawyer, we can help. We thoroughly investigate the facts of each individual case and do everything possible to protect all of your constitutional rights and to minimize the consequences. Some approaches we may take include, but are not limited to:

  • Suppression Motion: If our investigation indicates that the state violated your rights under the Fourth Amendment and illegally seized the drugs you are being charged with, we will file a motion to suppress the evidence. If the motion is successful, in many cases, the charges may be dropped.
  • Diversion programs: If you qualify for a diversion program, we help get you into one. If the diversion program is successfully completed, the charges against you may be dismissed and your record cleared.
  • Referral to treatment centers: Participation in a treatment program may impress the court and mitigate the punishment.

We can meet with the prosecutor and negotiate a favorable resolution. If this is not possible, we will vigorously prepare your case for trial.