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Domestic Violence Injunctions

As with other criminal charges, the best defense is to have the best offense. In Domestic Violence cases, Sarasota, FL, Attorney Anthony G. Ryan takes an aggressive stand for clients to help them get that strong defense. He is zealous in defending clients accused of crimes including domestic violence, dating violence, sex crimes and other similar matters. He has over 15 years experience conducting criminal trials and helping clients accused of domestic violence by other family members. He helps victims obtain domestic violence injunctions to help them keep abusers refrain from further contact.

Anthony G. Ryan, P.A.

You can be confident of getting the best advice from Attorney Anthony G. Ryan. He is Board Certified by the Florida Bar in Criminal Trial Law, a distinction that recognizes his expertise in this area of Florida law. He has provided legal representation to hundreds of clients since admission to the Florida Bar in 1998. He specialized in Criminal and DUI Defense, and worked for the state Public Defender’s office for two years. Board Certification means he is regarded as an expert in criminal law.

Sarasota Florida Domestic Violence Injunctions Lawyer

If you are troubled by domestic violence from being battered by a spouse, ex-spouse, other family member or someone you are dating, you need help from a Sarasota Florida Domestic Violence Injunctions Lawyer. An injunction offers you court ordered support to help prevent further violence in your situation. If you have had an injunction placed against you, a domestic violence lawyer may be able to mitigate the situation and help you preserve your rights.

Details Count

Domestic violence is a touchy situation that a good criminal lawyer can investigate and possibly find details that can affect the outcome of your case, place or stop an injunction and otherwise help you maintain your rights and freedom. Attorney Anthony G. Ryan only handles criminal law cases, including domestic violence. He has the broad experience and expertise to provide highest quality legal services to his clients.

If you need help with a domestic violence matter, contact the Sarasota, FL, law office of Domestic Violence Injunctions Lawyer Anthony G. Ryan, P.A. today. Call the lawyer you can depend on, Anthony G. Ryan, at (941) 954-7132. Serving clients from Sarasota and Manatee Counties.