Sarasota Criminal Defense Lawyer

A moment of poor judgment that results in criminal charges can lead to a lifetime of negative consequences for people with insufficient or inexperienced legal representation.

Legal Representation Tailored To Your Situation

Attorney Anthony G. Ryan has received the highest level of recognition granted by the Florida bar; board certification as a criminal law attorney. In his words:

“I am a criminal defense specialist. I only represent people like you, who have been accused of breaking the law. I don’t handle cases of family law, divorces or personal injury. This is not a side job for me. I make my living as a criminal defense attorney and I have been recognized by the Florida Bar Association as an expert in criminal trial law. Don’t you deserve expert legal representation?”

You will receive comprehensive legal representation and a careful evaluation of the state’s evidence against you to determine if a plea agreement is possible. This approach can result in a faster, more cost-efficient settlement of your case. When this is not an option, they develop an aggressive legal strategy to protect your legal rights and minimize the negative effect that criminal charges can have on you, your family and your career.

Why do you need a  Florida juvenile defense attorney for your criminal case?

Regardless of whether this is your child’s first run-in with the law or if there have been multiple instances, you need a criminal defense attorney with experience and skills in the juvenile system. The rules and procedures of the juvenile court system are significantly different than the adult legal system and knowledge in one area does not necessarily transfer to the other. Attorney Anthony G. Ryan has handled thousands of juvenile criminal justice matters. Call today for a free initial legal consultation.

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